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Client feedback




“Ella is almost unique. Her primary focus is to understand your body and what it is capable of and what weaknesses or injuries might exist. She then builds a programme for you to strengthen and maximise your mobility. She has a deep knowledge of the biology of the body. She is cautious and develops your Programme as you strengthen, to avoid aggravating any existing problems. She is a wonderful and empathetic person. My days are bright after my sessions with her!” Camilla, Architect, Battersea.


Ella’s enthusiasm and incredible knowledge of Pilates is doubled up by her love for life. I’ve enjoyed every class more than the last, made tangible gains quicker than I ever hoped and look forward to becoming stronger and pain free in the near future!” Martin, 30, Head of delivering Happiness, tech start ups, London.


“My history as a rugby player and now as a competitor in ultra running events has put a great deal of stress on my body. I now know how to deal with the pressures of a high impact sport and a sedentary job where sitting for 7 hours a day is normal. For me that balance is a structured conditioning program and regular Pilates sessions with Ella.
Ella woke me up to realise I have to listen to my body and I can’t build my muscles without conditioning them. I have attended a regular Pilates class for over 3 years in which time my flexibility has improved, my constant back pain has diminished and the tension in my body dissolved.
In addition to the regular Pilates classes I have also had several 1-1 high intensity Thai Yoga massages with Ella to kick start my flexibility and show me the benefits of a good posture which was invaluable.
The initial intense rehabilitation helped to realign my body and the regular classes keep me in check. In 3 years I have been transformed from being unable to run a mile without being in pain to a state where I am comfortable running long distances and am about to run the Marathon Des Sables!
Suffice to say Ella has made a big impact on my life. The key strengths Ella possess which make her a great teacher are; great understanding of the human body, being very friendly & personable and really caring about everyone’s well being”. Alex, 31, Media Sales & Triathlete Coach, London.


“I started Pilates only recently and do a one hour class with Ella once a week. The classes are small (maximum of 5 people) so you get a lot of personal attention and they are structured so you can choose how hard you want to work. In a relatively short time I think I have seen big changes in my flexibility (Ella might say differently!) and also my core strength is improving and my posture is getting better. And on top of that the classes are fun. In my experience Ella is a great Pilates teacher and I look forward to my class each week. I would most definitely recommend Ella”. Simon, Accountant (59) London.


““I’ve been doing Pilates with Ella for a few years and she is the real deal.  She really knows her stuff and I would recommend her to anyone.  Through her classes I have massively increased my core strength and flexibility, and have undoubtedly avoided a whole catalogue of injuries because of that.”   Steve, Finance Manager, Media, London.


“Since I have been visiting Ella’s Pilates lessons I have been able to manage my lower back pain much better. Her lessons are hard work, but have been improving my flexibility and strength astonishingly fast. ”  Markus, Artist, Battersea.


“Ella is a brilliant teacher like no other. She has helped me prepare and get stronger for an arctic ski adventure, and also recover from pregnancy and a bad back.  I would highly recommend her small and friendly classes.”  Pippa, Doctor, NHS, London.

I am not the sportiest person in the world, but have been doing Pilates with Ella for over 2 years now, and I have really noticed the difference it makes to my posture and my waistline! She is an infectiously enthusiastic teacher who can cater for all levels, and knows just how far to push you. She makes the class fun which gives you all the motivation you need to keep going back – I hate the gym but I genuinely look forward to going to Pilates every week.”  Lucy, Group Partnerships Manager.

“As a Pilates Teacher, I work with my body every day and often need some manual manipulation to iron out the kinks!  I am always on the lookout for something extra special that I can refer my clients to for relaxation and stress relief along- side deep tissue stretch and mobilisation.  I have known Ella for many years. She is passionate about her work, caring about her clients and hugely experienced with the body in motion.  Not only have I benefitted from the wonderful work of Ella via Thai Yoga Massage, I have seen a change in my own clients too, who have taken this path.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!”   Sasha, Pilates Instructor, Chiswick, London.

“When I first came to see Ella I was suffering from lower back pain as a direct result of years of playing squash and golf. Within 3 months Ella has strengthened my core and hugely improved my flexibility. I am now playing sport pain and injury free. I found the work outs to be challenging and great fun and I have no hesitation in recommending Ella.”
Scott, Investment Banker, Surrey.


“Ella first introduced me to traditional Thai Yoga massage and I immediately felt comfortable with her warm and professional manner. I booked 10 weekly sessions and during that time we worked on my general well-being, deportment and flexibility.  She noticed that when I turned to either my right or my left to look at something that I didn’t move just my head, but my whole body from the waist up as my neck and shoulders were both rigid.  Ella structured our sessions around general well-being and this problem, giving me exercises to do in between sessions, and although sometimes uncomfortable for me to do, I was getting results.  Over the years I’ve seen several therapists and Ella is the only person to notice and offer me a solution to my neck/shoulder problem.  Visually, my neck has changed shape completely; now it is narrower and I have lost the muscle build up from both sides and with both muscle and tension disappearing, I feel very much better in myself.  My deportment has improved and I am much more confident. I will stay a client of Ella for as long as she is available. I write this testimonial with love and gratitude.”  Ann, Reiki healer, Kensington, London.

“Ella has a magical way of imparting her extensive knowledge of Pilates, being vigilant over her pupils and ensuring we all emerge energised after our class. She has literally transformed the way I feel from aches and stiffness, to a general feeling of wellbeing. I wouldn’t be without her and my regular Pilates class!”
Claudia, Editorial Administrator, Television Network, London.

“I enjoy holistic treatments as part of my well being regime, but had always opted for Swedish massage. I had heard about Thai Yoga massage but never tried it until I had a session with Ella. It proved to be completely different to what I expected. Instead of falling asleep and snoring loudly  till the end (as per usual) I was made to breathe deeply at specific intervals and consciously think about the stretches and movements. It was a real change to what I was used to and being so much more involved was very fulfilling.  It was all about opening up and improving the flow of energy in the body. I was stretched, rocked, walked on and pulled, all the time having to focus on breathing deeply in order to flood the area being treated with oxygen.

Ella was instructive without being bossy but was firm and sometimes unforgiving. By the end of the therapy I discovered why; I felt completely changed, totally revitalised and almost light headed and lifted in fact. I would recommend her as a therapist to anyone looking for a REAL Thai Yoga massage and will certainly be going back as soon as I feel the need for another relaxing workout.”  Ayo, Company Director, London.

“Ella has a wonderfully warm and easy-going approach.  Her touch is sensitive and confident and I was so relaxed when I left it felt as though I was walking on air!”  Ben, Physiotherapist, London.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Thai Massage having only heard that I should bring comfy clothes and that it was a bit like ‘Lazy Person’s Yoga’, so I arrived a bit clueless and very stressed from work. As we began the session, I became completely awestruck as I was eased into poses I’d never thought possible. I suffer a lot with a weak lower back and neck and shoulder tension and Ella did an absolutely incredible job with these ailments. It sounds obvious but it’s a really physical experience, with both people actively involved in each pose. After the treatment, I felt like a different person – relaxed, happy and very supple. I had more energy than I’ve had for some time and as I walked home, I felt like skipping! I could stand up straight again and I had an immense feeling of positivity. I’d thoroughly recommend Ella to anyone wanting a professional, effective and caring treatment that leaves you feeling 10 years younger and with a truly cleansed outlook on life.”

“Ella has gone down an absolute storm teaching small classes where I work, she’s even been nicknamed “the guru”! She is knowledgeable, caring, no-nonsense and achieves fantastic results. She has a brilliant positive effect on everyone that she teaches, and we all leave the class feeling like we’ve worked and done our bodies real good. What’s nice too is that we get a slightly different combination of classes each week to keep us on our toes. Ella’s classes are perfect in every way and I thoroughly recommend you book her in.”
Lydia, 31, Content Manager, Television Network, London.